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Le Viti Bar and Grill (Restaurant NOT open every weekend)

Owners Bill Whalley and Jane McLean, bring us a hip, vibrant and relaxed addition to the Mudgee Region’s expansive dining landscape. In addition to the extensive and impressive wine offerings the Le Viti Bar and Grill delivers an Italian flavoured menu featuring Mudgee regional produce.

Offering the best in service and a variety of settings in one location, Mudgee Wines Old Bush Vines provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion, from intimate dinners and private celebrations, to holiday gatherings, elegant events and corporate receptions and meetings.

The warm, friendly and fun atmosphere, of Le Viti Bar and Grill has something to satisfy every palate!


Watch Out for New and Exciting Events this Year: 


Dine amongst the vines, a unique location, with unique wines.



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